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Kids With Integrity wants

Kids With Integrity wants

To give children a good foundation for the future

To give children and young information about the conditions of the world is a must from both an economical and moral point of view. We have a responsibility to share our knowledge about how the reality in the world is and what responsibility we have.

Light a candle in the darkness

Media reports about needs but leaves people with the feeling of powerlessness; that there is nothing we can do. I want to give people a possibility to take an active interest and do something concrete to help and not passively accept what is happening in the world.

A view to the world

I want to open the doors to the world at an early stage in the children´s life, before they form prejudice, so that they can get a more accurate picture of people from other cultures and life in other countries. I want to help them understand the unfairness in the world and why we should work for solidarity and a fair distribution of the resources. It is an important task not only to work for development in poor parts of the world, but also to create attitudes and creating public opinion at home. 

Create values

I want to reach the children and create a foundation of values in children that makes good future leaders of society and the world. The goal is that we all together will support the children of the world and understand and work towards all being responsible to make the world a good place to live.

Make engagement possible

I want to help children to easier be able to engage themselves concretely and to give them opportunity to act against something they think is wrong. I want to stop the apathy that many adults have developed and encourage children to make a change. I want to show that change is possible, that it helps to engage themselves.

Create opinion

I want to create opinion and engagement to change injustice and relieve the needs. I want to report about the positive in different countries and cultures and not only focus on the negative.

Be a resource

Through the material the children themselves and everyone who works with children can easily get information about the reality of people in the world and work around attitudes about the unfair situations, which make people suffer and not getting their rights fulfilled.

Spread educational material

Since 1990 I have produced educational materials for children which is used all over the world.

The materials let the children get knowledge about countries, continents, peoplegroups and cultures. It also gives insight into daily life and history. Through meeting individuals in various situations the children and young get personal meetings with people their own age around the globe.

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